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Camino Real coaches Sikh team in London

Juan Pepa, Argentinean Polo Player

Interview to Gurbir Singh

How did you get involved with polo?

I had my first introduction to this great sport at a corporate event hosted in Hurlingham Park in 2012. I remember the coach said, “You look very natural on a horse - have you played polo before?" I smiled and said, "Not in this life!"

When did you start playing?

In 2012. After the initial lesson, I located a club near my home in Surrey and spoke to the coach. She was very patient and good fun. I thank her for her coaching and am sure I will see her again.

Where are you currently playing?

At Ranelagh Polo Club in Windsor. Our coach is Oscar Mancini. He pushes us hard and is never afraid to voice his opinion. I respect his teaching, as I know it is for our own benefit. After the session, we always spend time with him laughing. It helps us relax after an intense hour.

With whom are you playing?

My friends/team who have a similar passion for the sport. Interest is definitely growing and we are continually receiving messages of support and encouragement from around the world.

Did you find it difficult to start playing?

Yes - I couldn't get the horses to go anywhere. I think they realised very quickly I was a beginner, but I felt happy and comfortable. You gain a respect for the horses immediately and for the people who are already playing at all levels.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

To be the best I can possibly be - and then push myself even further. We must always reach for the stars in anything we wish to pursue. I want to play exhibition matches initially to introduce polo to a wider audience, taking our enthusiasm to schools and universities. However, it should not stop there. International tours should definitely be looked at to promote this sport.

What can you tell us about Camino Real?

Camino Real is all about the location - only 15-20 minutes from the airport. I am looking forward to seeing the Club soon, because it is certainly be one of the best polo clubs in the world, with 5 top quality fields, 3 lakes (the biggest being 25 hectares), over 800 acres and top class facilities available for polo players, residents and visitors.

Have you been to Camino Real Polo & Country Club?

Yes, I was fortunate enough to fly out a couple of years ago. As we drove along the perimeter road of the club, all I could think was - wow this place is huge! I also visited Buenos Aires. Super culture, super food, super city.

When will you play at Camino Real and with whom?

I intend to train hard and plan to be there in 2013/ 2014 - I am really looking forward to it. One of my ambitions is to play in an International tournament hosted at Camino Real - with lots of hard work and dedication, it could be soon.

Article by: Camino Real Marketing Team