Equestrian Centre / Polo Training School

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Located within easy reach of the stables and polo club house the equestrian centre has been designed with learning in mind.

As well as being a polo and lifestyle holiday venue Camino Real also has some very serious aspirations as a facility for training and developing great players.

We want to cater for everyone’s individual requirements which, means that we will be able to deliver the polo experience that YOU require.

We want to make the very best coaches, ponies, players and facilities accessible to the international polo community and we want to pass on some of the skills that have made Argentina the undisputed polo capital of the world. Whatever your ambitions we will help you to achieve them.

  • Camino Real is destined to become a polo school of excellence where, if required, we will take polo and horse riding novices on an intensive journey helping them to achieve their full polo potential.
  • For the more experienced rider/player learn tips on how to school a pony, achieve its’ ultimate fitness and to keep a pony playing at the top of its’ game for longer.
  • We will offer structured training courses tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Our guests will be trained by the very best polo coaches.
  • Our safety standards will be second to none.
  • You can visit our polo training school for one day, one month or one year.
  • You can holiday with us, work with us, live with us and learn from us.

I think you are getting the message now, Camino Real is the ultimate polo and lifestyle facility and whatever you aspire to we will help you achieve your goals.

Without doubt, sometime in the not too distant future Camino Real will help to produce some of the best international polo players and we will help the rest of the world to take on Argentina. But in the meantime, if all you want is a great polo holiday, then that is what you will get!

Article source: Camino Real Marketing Team
Image source: Camino Real Junior Team, UK