Groom School

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Riders ride horses but grooms take care of them and look after their welfare so one question could be who is more important.

Grooms bring the horses up to fitness at the beginning of every season, or after any period of rehabilitation, they make sure that they are shod properly, exercised properly, rested properly, fed properly and groomed properly. They also play a very important part in breaking in young horses and schooling them for polo. They need to be able to spot any injuries and understand the treatment required.

For a lot of polo clubs throughout the world the presence of Argentine grooms has been a must to ensure that the polo ponies are broken in the Argentine way but another question could be have they secured the best grooms with the best knowledge of how to achieve this.

All of the horses on Camino Real will be thoroughbred polo ponies with varying temperaments to suit players of all levels, the quality of the horses is one further way that the club will stand out and as such Camino Real horse care will be second to none.

All grooms on Camino Real will go through a strict training program to ensure that they have the right skills and knowledge to do the job properly. The experience that they will gain from working at Camino Real will be exemplary.

The Camino Real groom academy will train both Argentine and international grooms and will become a platform from which grooms from all over the world will graduate.

Article source: Camino Real Marketing Team