Experience Polo at Camino Real

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We are currently building the best five Star Polo and Equestrian facility in Argentina to meet the already high and constantly increasing demand from the international polo and lifestyle community.

Polo has always been regarded as “the sport of kings” and historically was a game that was played mainly by the military, royalty and the upper classes.

Because of the entry level costs of polo for decades it has remained an elitist pastime but not anymore. More and more people throughout the world are taking up equestrian based sports and the more and more of these are turning to polo.

Once bitten forever smitten!

Argentina has for decades produced the very best polo players and polo ponies and they have dominated the world with other countries unable to compete with their polo prowess. Therefore everyone in this rapidly growing sport aspires to have an Argentine connection and a place to visit annually in order to rub shoulders with and learn from the very best.

Argentina has long been known for its Polo excellence and is the polo destination of choice for the international polo community. Experiencing authentic polo in Argentina is a must for polo enthusiasts of any level. If you want to play on the best facilities, learn from the best players, play on the best ponies and visit Palermo, the polo Mecca of the world, Argentina is the only place for you.

What do all polo players want?

To improve their game, it is not necessarily the case that polo players want to increase handicaps or play at a professional level some just want to improve certain aspects of their game.

Whatever your aspirations Camino Real will help you to realise them!

Article source: Camino Real Marketing Team
Image source: Camino Real Junior Team, UK