Equestrian Facilities

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In order to create a world class polo facility the horse has to come first and in designing Camino Real we have paid particular attention to the infrastructure and the way it supports the core purpose of the Country Club.

So what is the core purpose of the country club? Quite simply it is to provide its guests with a fantastic polo and lifestyle experience.

Where did we start?

  • We started by understanding how many horses we would need to have liveried at any one time in order to fully support the polo activity and the vast range of abilities of our guests.
  • We created a communal livery facility that will comfortably support more than 200 thoroughbred polo ponies.
  • We also made the individual development plots large enough for guests to have private stabling facilities if required.
  • We then looked at the way that the horses would circulate around the development creating both a perimeter track that is never less than 40 metres wide, which means that the horses can be exercised freely around the 10km circumference of the country club.
  • We then looked at the main thoroughfares creating 30 metre wide tree lined avenues where the horse has centre stage and cars are relegated to the edges.
  • Imagine a Gaucho leading eight thoroughbred polo ponies slowly up to polo fields along the two kilometre main avenue shaded by mature jacaranda trees.
  • After this we looked at how we blend the residential elements of the development with the 350 acres of free space making it easy for horses, and their riders, to meander through the development.
  • We created shaded areas and plenty of watering zones to ensure that ponies arrive at their destination relaxed, watered, gently warmed up and ready to play.

Article source: Camino Real Marketing Team
Image source: Camino Real Junior Team, UK