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Throughout the Argentine polo season, October to March, the club will be full of people passionate about polo

There will be a very high demand for rental property within Camino Real, after all this is the best polo club in the world and is ideally located in the polo capital of the world.

The international polo community is vast and the vast majority of polo people dream of playing in Argentina.

  • We need at least 30% of the villas on Camino Real to be available for let in order to cater for short term guests.
  • The smallest of our villas will be in the region of 150 sqm in size and will be situated on a half acre plot, as such the villas will comfortably sleep up to six people and will command a high rental income.
  • Argentina and in particular Buenos Aires are experiencing record growth in tourism and this is set to continue as more of the world discover this beautiful, under exploited country.
  • With just 570 development plots in total it will not take long to sell them all into the international and domestic end user and investment markets.
  • Demand for villas is significant and will continue as the reputation of our club grows.
  • This demand will be exaggerated further as we are limiting the available on site hotel accommodation to just 50 suites.
  • The demand for rental properties will come from the international polo and lifestyle community as well as the domestic middle and upper middle classes leading to a high all year round occupancy.
  • Throughout the Argentine polo season, October to March, the club will be full of people passionate about polo.
  • During the off season the club will be full of the international and domestic families drawn by the abundance of lifestyle facilities.
  • The club will prove very popular amongst the Argentines looking for a country retreat.
  • We are currently devising a rental management program which will be available to both investors who want their properties permanently let and club users who require partial letting.
  • We look forward to discussing the range of options available with customers looking at their specific needs and delivering solutions accordingly.

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