Camino Real Polo Country Club

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The Most Luxurious Polo Resort in the World


In defining Camino Real Polo Country Club we had a number of objectives which must be set up as follows:

  • To create a Luxury Polo & Lifestyle facility set in the heart of the polo capital of the world.
  • To create an authentic Polo Club with something for everyone irrespective of their polo or lifestyle aspirations.
  • To make polo in Argentina a civilised family affair rather than a solo adventure.
  • To make the very best facilities, along with the very best traits of Argentine Polo, accessible to the international polo community.
  • To create a working polo academy aimed at helping players of all levels improve their polo handicap.
  • Quite simply to create the best polo & lifestyle country club in the world.

Obviously with such high aspirations we then set out a clearly defined path aimed at achieving the long term success of this wonderful project, or should I call it a labour of love.

Defining the layout and range of facilities on the development was very important, how many horses, how they circulated around the development, the balance of polo facilities, how we created shade, the use of pony lines, the stabling facilities, horse welfare and the amount and quality of the accommodation.

First and foremost Camino Real is an authentic polo club aimed at making everything that is good about Argentine polo accessible to the mainstream international polo community. We have all of the necessary polo heritage to make the polo experience on Camino Real very unique.

Secondly it is a world class lifestyle destination crammed full of facilities, we never do anything by halves and as such felt that rather than make token gestures we would work with some of the very best in the business and provide serious facilities aimed at making everyone’s stay a memorable occasion and something that they would want to repeat over and over again.

The result of our efforts and research over the last three years means that Camino Real has so many unique features that there are too many to list but we would be more than happy to discuss these with any interested parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Article source: Camino Real Marketing Team
Image source: Camino Real Land, Buenos Aires, Argentina