Juan Pepa and Pro Alvear

Juan Pepa, Argentinean Polo PlayerJuan Pepa, Argentinean Polo Player

A Charity Dedicated to the Argentine Pampas

Juan Pepa (34 years old) is one of Gassin’s local supporters. Polo player and businessman, he settled in London ten years ago. Juan was born in the heart of the Argentinean Pampas, very near Chapaleufu Polo Club! So naturally he began playing polo when he was a child, with the Hegury Family: An amateur player, his handicap of 3 is more than satisfactory, allowing him to play throughout Europe and, above all, in St-Tropez. But for this man who is truly “positive”, polo has another purpose – a charity dedicated to developing the Argentinean Pampas.

Why are you so loyal to the Polo Club Saint-Tropez?
What makes you come back year after year?

I come back because the atmosphere that Corinne Schuler has created at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez is like no other that I have experienced anywhere else in the world. The facilities are immaculate, the service is very friendly and efficient, and lunch served at the club’s restaurant, “La Table du Polo”, is a very enjoyable experience with a couple of glasses of their superb rosé!

Can you tell us about your career as a polo player?
Where do you usually play? And with whom?

You could say that throughout my extensive polo career, I have consistently failed to win any major polo tournaments, and additionally, I haven’t yet found my beautiful future wife! I have already given up on the first one, and I am working on the second! That’s probably why I end up on tours with friends who take me to Chantilly, Sotogrande, Germany, The Hamptons, China, Through the English countryside, and, of course, to Windsor, where I have my base at the Royal Berkshire Polo Club. For those who are not familiar with Windsor, I can’t encourage you enough to go there. Watching the finals at the Queens’s Cup at Guards Polo Club with a glass of Pimms in your hand, all these old-school British families with their dry humour, a horse ride in Windsor Great Park, and a Sunday roast at the Cottage Inn with a Bloody Mary to cure and hang over caused by a long happy night of merriment, is second to none.

What do you do during the winter season?
Do you have a club, or facilities in Argentina?

That’s my favorite time of the year, when I escape to my farm in the wilderness of the Argentinean Pampas. It’s called Cibao La Pampa, in honour of the great Porfilio Rubirosa. I am surrounded by my young ponies there, and every afternoon we have polo practices with my brothers, after this we go dove shooting.

You preside over a foundation, Pro Alvear. Can you tell us about it?

The Pro-Alvear charity was founded more than eight years ago, and has launched and continues to support initiatives that include several IT community centres, scientific laboratories, sports and music academies, large scale organic vegetable gardens and many forest regeneration projects. All those projects are designed to fight poverty and protect hundreds of our children in many rural villages. It consists of a great group of friends and patrons that work silently to make a little difference to the Argentinean Pampas. You can follow our humble work by visiting the charity’s website at www.fundacionproalvear.org.

So there will be a Pro Alvear Cup in Saint Tropez. What will make the tournament unique?

Yes, it will take place on Friday, July 20. Fiorina Benveniste Schuler is the driving force behind it… We come to St-Tropez for a holiday with a big group of friends and at the same time, we raise money for the Pro Alvear charity. It is a fun polo tournament and party, in which some of the world’s best polo players will be competing (The Pieres Brothers are some of the charity’s patrons), there will be some good hearted polo sponsors, and of course, many beautiful ladies wearing the highest heels will be present to watch the beautiful stallions. No-one remembers the score of the games, but everybody keeps very vivid memories of this unforgettable day.

Article and Images by: Pascal Benauldon