Polo Players

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Each team consists of four mounted players, which can be mixed teams of both men and women.

Each position assigned to a player has certain responsibilities:

  • Number 1 Player is the most offence-oriented position on the field. The Number 1 position generally covers the opposing team's Number 4.
  • Number 2 Player has an important role in offence, either running through and scoring themselves, or passing to the Number 1 and getting in behind them. Defensively, they will cover the opposing team's Number 3, generally the other team's best player. Given the difficulty of this position, it is not uncommon for the best player on the team to play Number 2 so long as another strong player is available to play 3.
  • Number 3 Player is the tactical leader and must be a long powerful hitter to feed balls to Number 2 and Number 1 as well as maintaining a solid defence. The best player on the team is usually the Number 3 player, usually wielding the highest handicap.
  • Number 4 Player is the primary defence player. They can move anywhere on the field, but they usually try to prevent scoring. The emphasis on defence by the Number 4 allows the Number 3 to attempt more offensive plays, since they know that they will be covered if they lose the ball.

Polo must be played right-handed.

Source: Camino Real Polo