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All you need to know about Polo

A bit of Polo History

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“Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of kings.”

Where did we start?

  • Possibly the oldest recorded team sport with the first polo matches being played in Persia over 2500 years ago, thought to have been created by competing tribes of Central Asia and then adopted as a training method for the King’s elite cavalry.
  • Adopted as the most noble of pastimes by the Kings and Emperors it became known across the lands as “the game of kings”.
  • Introduced into England in 1869, imported it to the United States in 1876 and last played at the Olympics in 1936.

A bit of helpful information

  • Played on an outdoor field 300 yards (275 metres) long by 180 yards (160 metres) wide a polo field is the largest field in any organised sport.
  • A polo game is divided into 7 minute periods of active play called chukkas, each chukka is representative of the amount of exertion the ponies can cope with. Four, Five and Six chukkas plaid depending on Low, Medium or High goal polo with a different horse for each chukka.
  • Four players per team with numbers 1 - 2 attacking, 3 in the midfield and 4 in Defence.
  • Handicaps in Polo range from -2 to 10 “goals” with 10 being the best.
  • Four players per team with numbers 1 - 2 attacking, 3 in the midfield and 4 in Defence.
  • Two mounted umpires referee the game with a third official on the edge of the pitch in line with the centre mark.
  • The Rules are based around safety. Polo is a dangerous sport at any level, heavy horses, high speeds and collision courses mean that the rules go a long way to negate risk.

Polo, a spectator sport?

Polo people know the awesome spectacle that is High Goal polo played by the very best players in the world. Unlike any other sports, equine sports demonstrate a unique understanding between man and beast. Thoroughbred polo ponies in full flight are a beautiful and awe inspiring site, accelerating to full speed in just a few strides and turning on a sixpence as they interpret play. Polo is the most spectacular of equine sports and appreciation extends well beyond the polo playing community. Whether you play or not polo is a fantastic sport to have an association with and is the perfect backdrop for a perfect summers evening, polo, a setting sun, a glass of Argentine Wine and a cut of Argentine beef cooked outside on an Asado


Source: Camino Real Polo
Top Image: St. Tropez Polo Club, Pro-Alvear Tournament 2013.